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We believe this is where we’re supposed to tell you what we believe. We believe that most production companies have “about” pages that are chock-full of platitudes that we’d rather avoid. We believe that whether you hire us or not, will have very little to do with our website copy, but will have a lot to do with the work we’ve done and the good people on our team.

We believe every project is a big deal, because to us, they all are. We take every project personally, invest in every detail, invent and re-invent with every go-round. We embrace challenges as opportunities, weaknesses as strengths, and shrimp tacos as lobster thermidor.

We’ve worked hard to get where we are. And we keep working hard because we don’t know any other way to do it.

If none of that appeals to you, then neither will we.

Peter Williams
Peter WilliamsEP / PRINCIPAL
KC Norman
Kipp Norman
Kipp NormanDirector / Principal
New York

Peter Williams

Executive Producer

Peter Williams’ creative partnership with The Norman Brothers spans nearly two decades. He is frequently accused of being an actual Norman Brother but maintains his innocence.

Peter spent many years as a management consultant, helping Fortune 500 retail and consumer goods companies make heaps of money by optimizing their pricing, assortment and marketing capabilities. Fed up with the stability, rewarding challenges and fantastic compensation provided by his consulting gig, Peter decided to dive head first into the shark tank that is the advertising commercial production world. Nearly six years later, and he has yet to be eaten alive.

KC Norman

Director / Principal

KC Norman sometimes talks too loud, but he can’t help it — he gets excited. He’s an idea guy, a visual thinker and a little bit of a hot dog (his words). To compensate, he tries to meditate, uses public transportation and reads poetry.


He currently has two favorite generically-useful-despite-being-food-themed aphorisms:

1) Hunger makes the best sauce 2) You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Kipp Norman

Director / Principal

In second grade, Kipp won a poetry contest after penning a poem about his attempt and failure to catch a beautiful bird he encountered in his backyard. Not catching the bird made him sad. Writing the poem brought him some relief. Winning the award made him proud. The rest of his life has been a simple repetition of the pattern set into motion by that wily bird.